Where germs usually hide: How to clean your car properly

Let’s face it, no matter how much you clean your car inside and out, stubborn germs will keep on lurking in your car. This is not far from happening when your car becomes a home to you - you eat your breakfast in the middle of a traffic jam, you toss around things when in a rush for an appointment, and you sneeze while your A/C is at maximum level.

So stop suspecting a colleague for being infected with a flu. Chances are you have obtained the virus from these hotspots in your car where germs always hide.

  1. Car mats

How clean car mats

This is a no-brainer to all. Whatever kind of mat you are using, car mats are the most vulnerable hotspot for microorganisms.

Everytime you drop something on the car mat and your fingertips touched the surface, you risk yourself of contamination because the germs burrowed deep down the mat are transferred to you.

  1. Car keys, door handles, steering wheel, and shifting gear

 How to clean steering wheel

Can you guess what these things have in common? Correct! These are the common things associated with a car you hold. Your hands are resting places for various types of germs, so there’s no wonder why they are easily contaminated. You can always protect yourself by keeping hand sanitizers inside your car or minimizing your physical contact with too many people.

  1. Dashboard

How to clean car dashboard with protectant

Car dashboards are directly exposed to sunlight. The sunlight’s warmth attracts bacteria and mold to grow rapidly.

And you definitely attract more when you drive with open windows.

AC vents absorb the bacteria entering your car and later on collides with your car dashboard.

  1. Seat covers and cushions

 How to clean car seat cover

Some car owners are conscious about cleanliness inside their car. They restrict foods, drinks and other things that leave stain. But this doesn’t keep the car clean at all.

The sweat from our hands and the dirt from our clothes are some of the most common origins of bacteria. You can always sanitize your hands, but changing clothes isn’t always as easy as that.

Tips on How to properly clean your car

  • Organize

Keeping your car clean means organizing the things you put inside. If you are the sporty type car owner, you minimize dirt by keeping a shoe box for your sports shoes. If you are always on a road trip with your growing family, a baby backseat organizer is useful to easily find baby essentials.

  • Sanitize

Cleaning doesn’t end by removing all the visible dirt. Bacteria-laden air will continue to spread inside your car. Car sanitizers help in detoxifying the air inside your vehicle. If the weather is in good condition, opening your car windows for a while also helps to air out the bacteria inside.

  • Keep a trash bin

It’s a good practice to throw candy wrappers, tissues, and other trashes in a bin rather than keeping them in your pockets or in some corners of your car. This simple practice makes it easier for you to put away the trashes in just one go.

  • Invest in car care products

There are many car care products that you will find out there. The difference is, not all provides a high-quality care your car needs. As much as you keep the exterior shining bright like a diamond, you must also consider the products you will use for the interior.

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