Wash In, Wash Out: When Should I Wash my Car?

To be (brutally) honest, it’s a major turn off when you go some place while wearing your best OOTD… and you get off a dusty car.


We shared in our previous blog where germs usually hide and how it can affect you if you don’t clean those uncommon germ spots properly. Today we’re going to talk about how often you should wash your car – so you don’t only become a head turner but more importantly, you’re keeping your car well-maintained.

Some car enthusiasts may have recommended to wash your car every two weeks – but that’s a general rule. There are factors you should consider such as the environment around you and the usual route you are taking.

Before finding out the frequency of washing your car, consider these questions:

  1. What is the environment in your location?

Do you live around the city or in countryside? Are living in an urban area where pigeons flock? Or, do you usually park your car under the tree shade?


  1. How often and far do you drive?

Do you drive daily? Does your way to work have air pollution? Even if your office is in a green city like Clark Freeport Zone, your car is never safe from being exposed to dust, mud, and other environmental threats.


  1. What kind of weather is my car exposed to daily?

Does the weather in your area change frequently? There are days when heavy rain comes unexpectedly. The sudden changes of weather, plus the environment of your usual route, puts your car at risk of getting more acid rain stains.


  1. Where do you park your car?

Is it in a covered area? Do you have a garage for your car? Or, do you park it in an open space? Even if you keep your car in a closed area, dust will keep on coming back


A few things to remember

  • Do not be too OC

If your car is not covered with too much dust, there’s no need to wash off the dirt with tap water so mineral will not easily build-up. Microfibre should be just fine.

  • Wax at least every two months

If you are the car owner who doesn’t invest on car waxing, now is the time to do so!

Beyond giving your car a shining, shimmering look, waxing also gives a layer of protection from pollution. Thus, it helps in preserving your investment.

  • Wash down there

Just because everyone does not see it, doesn’t mean you won’t clean it. Yes, you have to clean the undercarriage of your vehicle to maintain its longevity.

Since it is as important as cleaning the visible parts of your car, let’s save this topic for some other time.

It is a must for every car owner. It is your investment after all. You must learn how to take good care of it by yourself.

Be a responsible car owner and spread these tips to your friends.

Until our next blog!

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