Ever wonder how acid rain works - and how you remove stubborn acid rain stains on your windshield?

We’ve all experienced it: getting annoyed with the stubborn acid rain stains on the windshield, especially when there’s too many scattered everywhere. What’s more frustrating is when they get harder to remove (because you either have no time to remove them right away or your remedy is not enough to wash them off).

As a car enthusiast, or maybe just a simple car owner, it’s a pain in the eye to see these stains that can almost pass as awkward car designs. More importantly, acid rain stains and other debris on your windshield and windows are dangerous because they produce a cloudy effect to your view.

For someone who has a tight schedule, finding me-time to have a car wash is a challenge. And when you do, you spend the next hours brushing the surface with anything and nothing still changes.

Before you apply stain removers on your windshield and windows, it’s important for you to understand what causes these acid rain stains.

Acid rain does not really mean the rain falling from the sky contains acid. It only becomes “acid rain” when the rain mixes with chemical dust deposits on your car’s surface. But here is the truth: the culprit to these spots is not really the acid rain. Hard water is the common cause of the spots blocking your windshield view.

Hard water?

Yes, hard water is the most likely culprit to the stains you’ve been trying to remove. The calcium, magnesium, sulfates, and bicarbonates contents of hard water form spots when they come in contact with glass and dried up when they evaporate.

So, when you are complaining about acid rain stains, you are most likely referring to hard water.

Is there a better way to remove these stains?

The solution to this problem is easy, as long as you are doing it correctly.

There are DIY stain removers you will find online such as vinegar and baking soda. While these are cheap materials and you can find them at home, it will take a while for you to remove the stains. In some cases, you will need to sand them which can be tiresome.

More importantly, not everyone have the sufficient chemistry knowledge to formulate the perfect mixture to remove stains. Acid rain stains have different grades, so it may be more efficient if you use a chemically tested acid rain and water spot remover.

Using an acid rain and water spot remover makes the task more comfortable and faster for you. You do not need to mix anything. You only need to apply the stain remover on those spots after you give your car a proper wash.

And while this product is available, it is always best to wipe off any dirt on the windshield, windows, and car surface as soon as you can. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Don’t forget!

For your safety, remember to always use hand gloves whenever you are cleaning your car. This is to avoid any chemical contact on your skin.

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