What most people don’t know about car tires and how to take care of them properly

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Now here is something no one told you about those car tires – because not everyone generally knows about this.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘tire blooming’?

Seems I heard it from somewhere. I just couldn’t remember where.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, or maybe you know but you only have limited knowledge, tire blooming is when you see those brown sidewalls that look like melted chocolate stained on the tire’s surface. You probably are trying to remember if you passed by a muddy road on your way to somewhere.

But here’s an important fact you should know before we teach you how to clean your tires properly:

Tire blooming is not just caused by dirt. The longer you leave your tires unclean, the more prone it is to get a tinge of brown – which is the result of high exposure to dirt and oxidation.


A reaction that naturally occurs to most, if not all, tires. Oxidation begins when oxygen from compressed air attacks and destroys the bonds in rubber. 

Little did the majority of us know is a component called antiozonant is added on to your tires to protect them from premature degradation or being damaged by the UV and heat.

Now here is the plot twist:

As the antiozonant gets exposed to air and moisture, oxidation begins and that’s when the brownish residue happens.

The lubricant-type chemicals applied when tires are manufactured partly contribute to this problem.

So, what are you trying to point out now?

The point is, there are many things you see but unconscious of what happens behind the scene.

Come to think of it, you will invest in detailing your car, car care products, and other essentials. That’s why it is worth knowing the real culprit to some issues you will encounter with your car.

Your ultimate guide to cleaning car tires

1. Choose a cleaning agent that suits for your car’s tire type

A good cleaning agent for your car’s tires must have a special rubber protectant, so the rubbers have the highest driving condition – keeping you safe at all times.

For a glossy look, a tire black highgloss is the best solution for you.

2. A perfect cleaning agent goes well with a good brush

There are many brushes you can find out there. But we highly recommend a stiff nylon bristle brush because it does a good job reaching all those dirt stuck in the nooks and crannies of the car tire.

3. Brush each tire carefully

Don’t worry about taking too much time when washing off the dirt in the tires. In fact, washing them one at a time keeps cleaning products from drying on.

4. Dry those tires properly

Car enthusiasts highly appreciate it when proper care is given to their vehicles. And by proper care, that includes drying those tires with microfiber towels. This prevents unseen water spots and helps in getting rid of brake dust.

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