Auto Detailing Guide for Beginners

The Complete Auto Detailing Guide by Carbalen
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Step1 Wash - To protect the paint, better make use of two bucket method. If required, remove old wax using Carbalen Car Shampoo.
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Step2 Dry - Use blower to dry your car. In case, if you don't have a blower, make use of thick and big microfiber towels.
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Step3 Clay Bar - Use new, good and clean clay bar to clay the car. Carefully clay the windows, tail lamps and headlamps.
Step4 Polish - Polish is required in case of paint correction. Pick your compound and buffing pads as per your polish needs
Step5 Glaze - Glazes increase the depth and gloss in the paint. But, only one coat is necessary for maximum results.
Step6 Sealant - Remember, spread it as thin and give each coat of sealant at least 1 hour to cure and bond to the paint
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Step7 Wax - Apply wax as thin as possible and in general you should give coat of wax 1 to 24 hours cure time.
Step8 Microfiber - Remember to remove tags on microfiber products to minimize the risk of ruining the paint. Wash it before using.
Step9 Wheel & Tire - Apply your tire dressing in thin, evenly coats. Drive the car a few feet after applying the first coat of dressing.
Step10 Exterior Trim - For best results, degrease your trim prior to applying a dressing. Make sure your dressing offers UV protection.
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Step11 Glass - Use little glass cleaner to minimize streaking. Never use ammonia based glass cleaners on tinted windows.
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Step12 Interior - Protect your leather with a prodcut that blocks UV rays. Never use oily or greasy products that adds a shine.
Step13 Engine Bay - You need degreaser protectant and cloths.

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